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  • Install RLS (ALL) To access the Outreach Lesson site, it is necessary that you download and install the RLS client on your PC. To do so, please click on the Software Downloads button on the bottom left hand corner of the webpage. Follow the instructions on the subsequent webpages. Please ensure that the client application RLS.EXE is running before you attend an online lecture session, or playback an archived session. It should auto-run once you boot up your computer. Once you had run the RLS.EXE application, it will remains resident on your system. You can see its presence (a blue RLS icon) on the task bar (bottom-right hand corner) of your computer.
    Step by step instructions to install RLS.

  • Navigating Outreach Lessons (Students) Navigating Outreach Lesson for students is very easy and intuitive. You should have no problem exploring each of the functions.
    Step by step instructions to navigate Outreach Lesson.
    Video Demo: Navigating Outreach. Please click and save to disk. Thereafter, double click saved file to view.
    Step by step instructions on attending a Virtual Classroom Lesson.
    Howto: Change profile- password, photos and others.
    Video Demo: Changing Profile. Please click and save to disk. Thereafter, double click saved file to view.

  • Recording and Uploading Virtual Classroom Lessons (Instructors), Recording Demonstration for Portfolio (Students) For teachers recording a lesson for your class or students recording your multimedia portfolio for assessment, you can be started with just a few clicks.
    Step by step instructions, click here.
    Video Demo: Recording lesson using RLS. Please click and save to disk. Thereafter, double click saved file to view.
    Video Demo: Uploading a lesson to Outreach Lesson. Please click and save to disk. Thereafter, double click saved file to view.

  • Uploading and Creating Blended Outreach Virtual Classroom Lessons (Instructors) An Outreach Virtual Classroom Lesson is a blended traditional instructor-led lesson with self-paced digital resources inter-mersed into various parts of the lesson. To create such a lesson, you will need to do two things. The first is to record a lesson using RLS (please see the section on how to do this), and upload it to the server. The second is to insert digital resources into the uploaded lesson.
    To learn more, click here.

  • Creating Multimedia Tests (Instructors) There are 2 ways to create Multimedia tests, online or offline using MS Word. Outreach Lesson supplies a simple Windows application that will allow you to easily insert tags into a Word document so that the Outreach portal can understand your intention. Please download the application from the Software Download link after you have logged in. The first 2 flash movies will take you step by step through the creation of a Test. Once you have created the MS Word source file of your multimedia test, you will need to upload it to the Outreach portal. You can also specify the format of the tests, as well as creating new dynamic tests from your existing tests. To learn how to do all these, please click on the third link
    Howto: Creation of MCQ Test ONLINE
    Howto: Creation of MCQ Test using Microsoft WORD.
    Howto: Uploading and Structuring Multimedia Tests
    Howto: Create and manage Open-Ended Test

  • Importing Shared Outreach Resources (Teachers of Participating Schools only) Outreach has many virtual classroom lessons, animated lesson banks, multimedia question banks and lesson plans that are shared to teachers of schools that subscribed to Outreach Lesson. Click here to find out how to import these resources into your modules so that your students can work on them.
    Howto: Import Shared Outreach Resources.
    Video Demo: Import Shared Outreach Resources. Please click and save to disk. Thereafter, double click saved file to view.
    List of ALL Outreach Resources shared to teachers of participating schools.

  • Sharing Lessons, Question banks and Resources (Instructors) Outreach Lesson allows you to share virtual classroom lessons, question banks and resources among users of Outreach Lesson. This flash movie will show you how to do so.
    To learn more, click here.

  • Uploading HTML Packages (Instructors) The following flash movie will show you how to upload HTML lesson packages for your students. It also shows you how to convert a MS Powerpoint file into a HTML package for upload as a lesson.
    Howto: Create HTML-based learning package from PPT and upload to Outrech Lesson.
    Video Demo: Please click and save to disk. Thereafter, double click saved file to view.

  • Uploading Resources (Instructors) The following flash movie will show you how to upload resources for your students to download. You can also give complete instructions on how to use the resources here.
    Howto: Upload Resources.
    Video Demo: Please click and save to disk. Thereafter, double click saved file to view.

  • Managing Projects (Instructors) The following flash movie will show you how to create project guidances, organise students in your class into groups and then assign the groups to various projects. Finally it shows you how to create work-bins for the students to submit their project work.
    To learn more, click here.

  • Taking Class Attendance (Instructors) This is an administration function. It allows teachers to quickly take class attendance, and at a glance view the attendance situation in the class. emails can then be sent to parents to inform them of absence of their charge.
    To learn more, click here.

  • How to unblock RLS access to Internet (ALL) One common problem to prevent lessons from being displayed is that users select to 'BLOCK' the RLS client during installation. If you do so, you will need to manually unblock access to/from RLS and/or add RLS to your list of trusted applications.
    To unblock RLS on Windows built-in Firewall, click here.

  • Playback of lesson is jittery - how? (ALL) If you can view the lessons, but the playback is jittery, then it is probably due to the slow download speed of your internet connection.
    Click here for some recommendations.

  • Cannot Access Lessons (ALL) After you have installed the RLS client, you will see a blue RLS icon on the taskbar (at the bottom right hand corner of your screen). If you cannot view the lessons, right click on the blue RLS icon, and then select SETUP. At the menu, click on the PROXY tab. For most people, including all home users, you should have the AUTO DETECT box checked. For users accessing from their company's premises, please check with your system adminstrator for the correct parameter to be filled. Please note that users running Microsoft Internet Explorer, RLS would have correctly detected the correct settings (except for the password field, if any). If a firewall is installed at your site, please fill in the details. Note that this should not affect most users.
    Click here to view the how-to slides.

  • Instructions for Operating School Admin Account For schools subscribing to Outreach Lessons, the administrator will be given a school admin account to manage the users and modules of the school.
    To learn how to operate, click here.